Is There Time?

Photo By Matthew Henry - Sands of Time | Bearcat Coffee

Photographer: Mathew Henry | Burst

Time - Is there anything more precious and dear? It is the very canvas where we paint the image of our lives and memories. We orchestrate every detail to make our own masterpiece.

With good intention, we start to think of productivity and efficient use of time. We then pursue it as if it were an apple pie that grew legs and jumped off the dinner table while we plan out the many ways were going to slice it on apprehension. 

Runaway Pie

  Even more absurd than the thought of catching a renegade dessert is the notion that we could ever have time at all. In the chase, we even sacrifice quality for convenience. Fast food, burnt big chain coffee, mind numbing internet subscription tv and movies..not going to name or judge because I do partake in all this, after all.

Then comes the wanderlust. We see our friends on IG going to faraway lands with breathtaking views and wonderful color. Places where time goes slow. But you don't have to go anywhere to have that slice of the pie and surely don't need to be a Time Lord to slow the time.


Pour Over Ceramic Drip Coffee | Bearcat Coffee 


 One thing that I routinely cherish, is my morning pour over coffee. The first pour of hot water on freshly grounded coffee is to allow the coffee to bloom. Pausing for 30 seconds let's the CO2 out of the grounds. The rest of the water after that infuses all the flavors in the grounds through controlled and mindful pouring. It's a real zen experience and requires nothing more than your own presence.

Any hour or day of the week when something ordinary brings you pride, whether it's making pasta, handwashing the car, even folding perfect laundry: do it. You have to do it anyways so might as well as finesse it. Then share it.

Because the only thing more satisfying than doing something for yourself, is doing it for someone else. That's what makes time matter.